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[PyLadies Talk] Introduction to Machine Learning

This post is about the talk I gave in PyLadies Melbourne meetup on 20th Nov’17.

[MLAI Meetup Talk] My Experience as a Machine Learning Intern

I started my internship at SilverPond as a Machine Learning Engineer in September.

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Interview Experience with HDE Inc.

HDE Inc. is a Japanese Cloud Security Provider established in 1996 and their Global Internship Program (GIP) has become very popular in recent times. Some benefits of this internship: Up...

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Keep Calm and go to Code Camp!

Code Camp is a fun coding camp of 2, 3 and 4 days where children learn to code. They get a hands-on experience of what coding is.

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Custom Links within ActiveAdmin Pages - Ruby on Rails

I am working on a Ruby on Rails project in my organization and I am very new to Rails. It took me days to find a way for creating custom...

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Extract random images from videos in Python

I am working on the automatic logo detection in the sports videos using Deep Learning. For this, i will be using the Faster-RCNN model.

Parsing Windows event log files (.evtx) using Python

Recently I came across a problem in which I had to convert .evtx files (Windows Event Log files) to a human readable format like XML, CSV, JSON etc.

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Understanding LDAP terminologies

When I started to look into the Fedora’s 389 Directory Server, my first concern was understanding LDAP glossary!

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Highlights from PyCon Italy

Every good thing comes to an end and so PyCon Italy has also ended. This was my first time at Pycon Italy and infact, this was my first time in...

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