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First Week of Machine Learning Internship at SilverPond

First Week of Machine Learning Internship at SilverPond

I joined SilverPond as a Machine Learning Intern under the Victorian Chamber Internship Program. It was an interesting opportunity and I was very excited for it since working with data has always intrigued me.


SilverPond is a team of data scientists, machine learning specialists, software engineers and mathematicians who design solutions to hard problems. For over 13 years, they have developed big data and software solutions for clients in various industries ranging from utilities, retail, and technology, to healthcare, education and research like Australia Post and 7-11. They are also actively involved in sharing knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and various other technologies by hosting meetups and conferences. Compose:: Melbourne (Functional Programming Conference) is supported and managed by SilverPond its team members. They are also holding a 2-day Deep Learning Workshop on 5th and 6th Dec’17. The curriculum looks pretty interesting for anyone who would like to supplement their Data Science learning. The details can be found here: Deep Learning Workshop.

My first day involved creating accounts across various mediums that Silverpond uses for collaboration like Asana (just like Trello), Slack, Gitlab and conventional email account and setting up the in-house project, Silverbrane. While setting up, some issues cropped up but eventually I resolved it and added these in the documentation. But it’s technology stack involves Ruby on Rails, in which I am not really proficient, so my first step involved getting familiar with the main functioning of the project and Ruby (of course!).

The next day I found some bugs in Silverbrane and picked up one to resolve which I did but now I am struggling with fixing test for it in RSpec (which I hope to resolve soon).

Every team member at SilverPond was very welcoming and made sure that I felt at ease on the very first day.

Next week would be interesting because I hope to dive into a bit of Machine Learning part of the Silverbrane. Also, I would be volunteering for the Compose:: Melbourne (28th-29th Aug’17), which would be surely an enriching experience.

I would share my second week internship experience and the highlights of Compose:: Melbourne soon! :)

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