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Parsing Windows event log files (.evtx) using Python

Recently I came across a problem in which I had to convert .evtx files (Windows Event Log files) to a human readable format like XML, CSV, JSON etc.

[PyLadies Talk] Introduction to Machine Learning

This post is about the talk I gave in PyLadies Melbourne meetup on 20th Nov’17.

[MLAI Meetup Talk] My Experience as a Machine Learning Intern

I started my internship at SilverPond as a Machine Learning Engineer in September.

Custom Links within ActiveAdmin Pages - Ruby on Rails

I am working on a Ruby on Rails project in my organization and I am very new to Rails. It took me days to find a way for creating custom...

Keep Calm and go to Code Camp!

Code Camp is a fun coding camp of 2, 3 and 4 days where children learn to code. They get a hands-on experience of what coding is.

Interview Experience with HDE Inc.

HDE Inc. is a Japanese Cloud Security Provider established in 1996 and their Global Internship Program (GIP) has become very popular in recent times. Some benefits of this internship: Up...