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[PyLadies Talk] Introduction to Machine Learning

[PyLadies Talk] Introduction to Machine Learning

This post is about the talk I gave in PyLadies Melbourne meetup on 20th Nov’17.

I gave a beginner introduction to Machine Learning, the common methods and evaluation metrics. Here is the PDF.

I have attached below the pdfs of ‘Knowledge Technologies’ subject lectures, projects and sample exam papers, which introduces the concepts of information retrieval, machine learning and data mining.

Lecture set 1- Subject Overview

Lecture set 2- String Search

Lecture set 3- Approximate String Search and Matching

Lecture set 4- Text Search

Lecture set 5- Web Search

Project 1- Back-transliteration of Persian names to English names: github

Lecture set 6- Introduction to Machine Learning

Lecture set 7- Introduction to Basic Probability

Lecture set 8- Data Mining

Lecture set 9- Classification

Lecture set 10- Decision Trees

Lecture set 11- Rule Based Classification and Random Forests

Lecture set 12- KNN and Support Vector Machines

Lecture set 13- Association Analysis

Lecture set 14- Clustering

Project 2- Sentiment Analysis on Tweets

Sample Exam Paper 1

Sample Exam Paper 2

I cannot provide the datasets for the projects, but the project specifications will give a brief idea and you can find similar datasets online :)

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